Remember when taxes were simple and you didn’t have to worry about whether you were in compliance with the latest laws?

Neither do we.

Tax laws are changing at a breakneck speed and effect how you need to plan for the future. Keeping up with these changes is our expertise and we will work with you to apply them in a way that grows the financial future of your business. We can even look back at your past three years of returns, and re-file them if we see cost savings for you.

Bresnick Financial Services provides expertise on these and many other tax services:

Tax Compliance

Federal, State, and local laws all specify what returns need to be filed and on what schedule. Our extensive knowledge on these topics, as well as industry specific laws and methods, assures your returns are prepared in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner.


Our goal is to assist you in focusing on your entire financial picture, and not just tax filing. The way your business is taxed can affect personal finances, so it is important to have a clear vision of how to minimize tax liability while maximizing wealth. This is done at the Federal, State and local levels through the various types of taxes such as income, sales and use, and unemployment taxes.

We can help determine how and when to make specific large financial transactions, such as a capital purchase, based on current and proposed tax laws. We can help answer your questions about selling an asset, buying another business, or even nonmonetary exchanges of goods and services. Or maybe it’s time to change the structure of your business from an LLC to a Corporation, or start a new partnership. Let us help make these daily decisions so that you are minimizing your tax liability.

Federal (IRS) and State Representation

Have you received notification that your returns are not accurate, or you owe additional taxes, or that your taxes were never filed? Worse yet, have you received an audit notice? We know how to work with the taxing authorities to resolve most problems quickly and painlessly with the most favorable outcome.

State and Local Tax Planning

Whether you are operating in, or are considering expanding into, multiple states, we possess the necessary knowledge to help you navigate the complex world of state and local taxes. From business residency issues and sales tax to unemployment and income taxes, we will help keep your business in compliance with all local laws and minimize tax liability.

Individual Taxes

We can prepare and file your individual taxes helping you minimize your tax liability and saving you the time and stress of doing the work yourself.

Tax law is dynamic and ever-changing, but we stay informed of all changes for you. We consider tax planning a year-round activity and will work closely with you to help plan for your short and long term goals. We can help provide you with a strong and balanced financial future through the following services:

  • College planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Federal (IRS) and state representation
  • Income tax planning
  • Tax projections
  • Federal and State return preparation
  • Divorce